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18 July 14



Photo: Lady Neptune

Firmly taking his seat as an AIH veteran of sorts (the only artist-official to return to Pizza Club after his first salivating bite in 2012), the waveform-shifting former Tubelord man breaks apart his recent r’n’b infused live sets for a return to his sound of old.

With the length and pace of a post-haircut shower, ‘Gold Boy’ cuts the 2 minute mark sounding nothing like the tracks that appeared on Art Reeks earlier on this year, nor does it encompass similarities to anything else on the YORCHH split (out on Tigre Discs not too long ago). As a matter of fact, head to Joey’s Soundcloud and you’ll notice that the prolific output is akin to that of a chameleon, adapting to whatever shade it wants because fuck it.

We asked Joey to put together his ideal pizza and we received this smitten recipe in return;

Lovers Delight
Tomato sauce, peppers, asparagus, sliced courgette, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tabasco, paprika.
Hit the lights low and let SWV ‘Right Here’ simmer softly in the background, dance like idiots and watch an outrageous film, get bored halfway and leave the house to cycle through the streets in the hours of the early morn whilst everyone else sleeps, look up at the stars but just see smog and laugh.

Free download as always and three physical pizza boxes are available on our shop from 1pm.

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PZZ13 | H.Grimace - Cavepainter

This week we’re delighted to welcome self described surf-psych 3-piece H.Grimace to the Pizza Club. The London bands’ self titled EP quietly slipped out a couple of months ago and as well as being one of our favourites of the year, it also has some great artwork from Leif Podhajsky - check it out.

We’re honoured to be releasing new track ‘Cavepainter’ - four minutes of pulsating Sonic Youth’esque guitars that build into a blissful pop crescendo. It’s this transformation from the starkly sung words of media influence and being ‘gripped by the throat’ that make the latter part of the song such a thrill.

It’s this sort of diversification in 4 minute pop songs that has got us so excited about H.Grimace. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. For now, you can like them on Facebook.

Free download as always and three physical pizza boxes are available on our shop from 1pm.

We asked Hannah about what a H.Grimace pizza would look like…..something like a Cave Painting apparently. You’ll have to buy one of three limited editions of this release to find out exactly what that involves…

Listen/free download the rest of the Pizza Club here.

20 June 14

PZZ12 | The Golden Dregs - A Life Aquatic


In terms of people I have met since I started the label, Ben Woods was probably one of the first. Having tagged along with The Black Tambourines to the release party for aih02, he drunkenly haggled me down to 20p for a New Years Evil shirt. Since that formative night our paths have crossed many more times and with each occasion he seems to make more of an impression. First with the bluesy Lost Dawn on aih05, then joined Gorgeous Bully on drums for the recent full band EP and most recently he’s been tagging along with Pastel Colours who were also recent Pizza Club members.

This makes it sound like he’s here on merit alone, but his latest incarnation as The Golden Dregs (and his first infront of the kit) is his finest innings yet. Recently described by NME as anti-garage (I’m not sure what that means either), ‘The Life Aquatic’ is a downbeat ditty, which despite Ben’s talk of feeling weighed down, has a rather soothing effect. Maybe it’s the husky tones. I’m not sure of the title’s link to the wonderful Wes Anderson film, but you can certainly imagine it being perfectly matched with shots of Bill Murray looking longingly out to sea, having a smoke.

Free download as always and three physical pizza boxes are available NOW.

We asked Ben about his dream pizza, his response was my favourite yet…”Margarita, cause big dreams lead to disappointment”.  

Listen/free download the rest of the Pizza Club here.

5 June 14



Thalassocracy is the new band from Richard who runs Art Is Hard. In the band, Jake from Grubs plays drums and a nice guy called Lloyd plays bass.

They did a session last week at Sound Savers with the minimum of fuss and now they have a new song up, it’s called Cowardly Babe and it’s a banger:

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Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh