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12 September 14


Coincidentally, we’ve both had the pleasure of moving house this week. David, heading up Bristol to rival local buds Howling Owl and spend all his money at Rise & Richard, settling in with friends and local felines in Surrey Quays. As a result, updates have been tardy so please bear with us the next few weeks.

We’re taking a big bite out of some hearty champs today - the first cut from Weymouth-cum-Bristol/Brighton duo Cycle Schmeichel's upcoming EP 'Bored Games' and first track to appear in a year (!!!!)

Hailing from the same town as us both, we grew up watching Matt & Tom swim between different projects in tiny pubs full of gross beer and ageing rockers and even grosser beer, so it was only natural that they appeared on our first ever release, AIH001, closing the compilation with their quasi-instrumental / shouty hug-n-scuzz Bitchin’. This new track Lungs is more of the same, a perfected rawkus sound that the two should patent eh ess ehh pea.

Free download as always above and three super limited physical pizza box versions of this single are available on our shop at 1pm.

5 September 14



Breaking the debut release of a brand new project is always a challenge - one we tend enjoy. Today though, things may become a little easier. Enter White Sands - a group comprised of familiar faces in Conan Roberts (day-job bassist in Mazes), Sophy Hollington (talented illustrator and guitarist in Novella) and John Arthur Webb (voiceman/guitarist of Sub Pop signees Male Bonding). We are beyond thrilled to be releasing their first release - stream their first track below!

With the obvious soundings and influence from their respective ‘other’ projects, White Sands heightens a darker and far more furious edge to any of those previous. ‘The Wait’ drives like a freight train, packing 182 seconds of lucid frustration – “hide everything deep inside / you won’t find anything”. 

The Wait’ is set to be released as a 7” flexi-disc accompanied by a 20 page magazine / 3 track digi-single. Again, we’ve elected to release music in this format as we were getting overly frustrated with the standard 7” release and realised that we could be giving you plenty more for your money.

The release is ltd to 300 copies and set to be released on 6th October. You can pre-order your copy from our shop right now.

You can catch the band perform their first live show at our Hardly A Party anniversary event on 24th August, along with a whole host of AIH regulars; Playlounge, Birdskulls, Nai Harvest to name but a few!

1 September 14

Announcement: Jam Kids: 20 Years since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

For the second annual Cassette Store Day we will release the 12 track compilation ‘Jam Kids: 20 Years since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’.

Shared interests go a long way in small towns, so when two goofy teenagers bonded over a mutual love of Pavement it laid some pretty solid foundations for 4 years of running a label together. When we realised it had been 20 years since the release of their seminal album ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ we thought we had better do something about it.

We’ve got together with some of our favourite friends, finest DIY noise makers and bands we never expected a yes from and asked each artist to cover a separate track from the album. What’s come out the other end is truly something truly spectacular.

1. Junk - Silence Kid
2. Shunkan - Elevate Me Later
3. Paws - Stop Breathin’
4. Dog Legs - Cut Your Hair
5. Joey Fourr - Newark Wilder
6. Year of Birds - Unfair
7. Pet Cemetry - Gold Soundz
8. Flamingods - 5-4=Unity
9. Trust Fund - Range Life
10. Beat Easton - Heaven is a Truck
11. The Black Tambourines - Hit the Plane Down
12. Poledo - Fillmore Jive

As it’s a bit weird making profit from other people’s music, we will be donating all profits from this release to DIY Space for London. The release is limited to 200 and comes with a series of badges.

Track 3, Paws cover of Stop Breathin’ is now streaming over on Gold Flake Paint.

If you’d like to ensure that you get your hands on a copy, please contact your local record shop and ask them to stock the release on September 27th. Any leftover copies will be sold via our shop on October 4th – if you’d like to be notified when these are available – please visit here.

29 August 14


An appropriately named song this week considering all my time seems to be spent planning my impending move from Bristol to Exeter. Excuse the tenuous link but it seems as though Wulfs have also done their fair bit of moving around. Just 19, they met at college in Warwickshire and have spent the summer holed up in each other’s bedrooms recording dreamy guitar pop. Come September they will both be moving again and relocating to Leeds. Moving Out is their very first track and we’re delighted to be releasing it as part of our Pizza Club.

Moving out is a beautifully restrained affair that floats along at a dreamy pace. Imagine feeling extremely woozy and spinning yourself round and round whilst all the time feeling like you’re going to spiral out of control but instead seeing everything slowly glide past in a dream like state. That’s basically what Moving Out sounds like (plus some wolf like howls thrown in for good measure). I don’t think they have a Facebook page or anything yet, but you can follow them on SoundCloud here. Free download as always above and three physical pizza box versions of this single are available on our shop right now.

Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh