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10 October 14

PZZ19 | A Daydream Waltz - She was like you

There’s a small group of friends who have been involved in the label in one way or another ever since its inception. One of those is George Brooks. He bought our first release, he helped us put together lovely zines, his Bewilder EP was our fifth release, he slept on the sofa when we had our third birthday party…and all whilst unassumingly being one of the most lovely people I know. Even if he’d approached us as a stranger with this week’s Pizza Club, we would’ve jumped at the chance to release it.

'She was like you' is anthemic indie rock at it's most brooding. It's pleasing to hear that George is still lapping up that mid 90's American indie that made the Bewilder EP an instant AIH classic. Whereas Bewilder saw George teaming up with best friend Thom Wilkinson, A Daydream Waltz see's him partnering with Jack Barry - currently making ambient stuff as Slow Lake and formerly the drummer for the short-lived but excellent Living Tall in Dallas.

If you would like to hear more from A Daydream Waltz, they released their debut EP back in June (available on Bandcamp) and are currently working on their second EP due for release on Smallholding Recordings. 

Three physical versions will be available from our store at 1pm - grab them quick before they goooo. Free download as ever from above or from our Bandcamp.

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7 October 14

ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy Diving - Small World


At the start of last week, I was bored of shouty punk music, had no immediate desire to release anything new and had no idea who Happy Diving were. Fast forward seven days and I think I’ve just found my album of the year. Happy Diving are a four piece from San Francisco and we’re delighted to announce we’ll be releasing their debut album on limited edition cassette on 3/11/14 (pre-order now). 

Following a tip off from a top guy repeated plays were quickly heaped upon the three album tracks which were already online (which you can now hear on our Bandcamp). One hastily written email led to another and before we knew it we were welcoming Happy Diving to the family whilst also entering a relationship with their label Father/Daughter Records (they’re doing the 12” record and digital).

Big World was recorded over a whirlwind two days at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA, with the help of producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr). The album itself mirrors the same whirlwind intensity of the recording process as the band throw hook after hook atop 10 sludgy pop songs. There’s early Weezer, Tony Molina and little parts of almost every band we’ve ever released in Big World. We’re extremely honoured to be involved in such a vital sounding album and we can’t wait for you all to hear it. 

The album is set to be released by us on 3rd November on limited edition cassette and the 4th November on ltd edition 12” and digital download by Father/Daughter Records.

4 October 14


'Shi-men-so-ka' - a situation beyond hope; defeat is clear.

Our apologies for skipping a slice; David has recently relocated to Bristol with lacking internet and Richard is still running around London. So, to relaunch this week, the latter one of us has contributed a track that was recorded with Mark Jasper at his Hackney-hideaway Sound Savers.

The not-another-no-fi project is also comprised of Jake May (Grubs) and Lloyd King (Slothboat), forging scuzz and lost melodies into hopeless tales. ‘Shimensoka’ is more of the same, alluding optimism and closing out as a tribute to self doubt.

Three physical versions will be available from our store - grab them quick before they goooo. Catch Thalassocracy live at Brighton’s Indietro Secret Festival on October 26th with Best Friends, The Black Tambourines, Poledo and many more!

12 September 14


Coincidentally, we’ve both had the pleasure of moving house this week. David, heading up Bristol to rival local buds Howling Owl and spend all his money at Rise & Richard, settling in with friends and local felines in Surrey Quays. As a result, updates have been tardy so please bear with us the next few weeks.

We’re taking a big bite out of some hearty champs today - the first cut from Weymouth-cum-Bristol/Brighton duo Cycle Schmeichel's upcoming EP 'Bored Games' and first track to appear in a year (!!!!)

Hailing from the same town as us both, we grew up watching Matt & Tom swim between different projects in tiny pubs full of gross beer and ageing rockers and even grosser beer, so it was only natural that they appeared on our first ever release, AIH001, closing the compilation with their quasi-instrumental / shouty hug-n-scuzz Bitchin’. This new track Lungs is more of the same, a perfected rawkus sound that the two should patent eh ess ehh pea.

Free download as always above and three super limited physical pizza box versions of this single are available on our shop at 1pm.

Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh