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28 October 11

Kinnie annouce debut album, free single and weekend gigs

Bournemouth/Brighton based Kinnie the Explorer were featured on our very first release and although being quiet for most of 2011, they have finally revealed the work of a summer spent recording. 

'Scissor Dance' is the first track made available from their debut album, which is due for release in early February and it shows a clear development in sound from their debut EP. Intricate guitar lines encircle Peter Lancely's softly spoken melodies to form something that I'm unable to liken to anything else around at the moment. Totally great though! Grab a free download/listen below

In extremely relevant news, Kinnie the Explorer are playing a couple of gigs this weekend. Firstly tonight they’re playing Cafe Oto in Dalston, London; then tomorrow we have our own AIH Presents night happening at the Brunswick in Brighton. In addition to Kinnie we also have two bands from our most recent release - Safari Park and Fire Island Pines, be sure to head down! (Facebook event with more details here).

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