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20 January 12

PIZZAIH02 - Not a covers club

Incase you missed the annoucement two weeks ago, or you’re new around here (hi!) we’re going to be putting out a free release every other week in 2012 (crazy new years resolution). Two weeks ago we released Bos Angeles covering KEEL HER, and when we didn’t think aih affiliated bands covering each other could get much better…this dropped into our inbox. 

Firstly let’s just get this straight, the pizza club is not specifically for covers but when one as blindingly good as this turns up, it’s hard to let it pass. There’s just something about one person reimagining another’s work that really hooks me in; particularly when it’s a rainy Thursday morning and the cover comes in the form of an anon covering The Black Tambourines ‘Youth’.

Nothing against the original ‘Youth’, but this cover by Fruschian Void and Thee Headfolks is completely beautiful. Whereas the original almost risked drowning in its own sea of fuzz the cover almost verges over into shoegaze territory with haunting girl/boy vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a Slumberland release. Having spent a couple of days getting madly excited over the prospects of this new band, Thomas Crang of Gorgeous Bully revealed it was just him and Fruschian ‘messing around’. Good gag Thom. Listen/download for free below, the one physical copy of this release will go live at 1pm today, last weeks sold in literally 5 seconds.

We asked Thomas what he thought this weeks pizza should be and he said ‘Chinese Buffet’, so Chinese Buffet it is - Duck, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Seaweed.

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