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2 May 12

We thought it was about time we shared another track from our exciting split 7” out in mid June (Playlounge, Gum, KEEL HER and Joanna Gruesome). They’ve been selling really well, so thanks to anyone who has preordered one, we’re doing a bundle with a brand new AIH tshirt and a 5 piece badge set, which you can check out on our Bandcamp.

In the meantime here’s a new track from the split for you to play to your friends. Joanna Gruesome are 5 piece from Cardiff who seem to be indebted to the boy/girl vocals, 90’s grunge and Sarah Records (this song mentions at least one of their bands). To cite the ever correct Jake May, they’re twee but with a huge helping of FUCK YEAH! This particular track seems to be directed at kids who pretend to like bands, we’re looking at you annoying ginger man on the BT adverts. 

Fun additional fact, Harvey Williams, the founding member of Another Sunny Day (name dropped in the song) used to go to Plymouth University, before dropping out to release music on Sarah Records. Related fact, I have 7 days left at Plymouth uni before I can drop out graduate and release music full time for a couple of months!

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Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh