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6 August 12

New release time: aih012 - Best Friends / Grazes split cassette

As you well know, we’re a keen advocate of the split release (the art of pairing two or more bands together on the same release). These releases tend to be put together, when the bands in question are part of the same circles or share a similar aesthetic. In the case of our latest release (aih012) this couldn’t be less true. In this case these two bands live together in Sheffield, sharing everything from milk to the gear in the basement they both practice in. However the sounds of these particular bands could not be more different. Best Friends offer the sound of fuzzed-out, nostalgia filled garage pop whereas Grazes bring fast, melancholic noise to the table. Stream the full release below whilst you read a bit more.

Best Friends should not really need too much of an introduction, they’ve had an excellent year. As well as the success of their now sold out EP ‘Throwing Up’ on this very label, they have also supported the likes of Django Django, Cults, Weird Dreams and Summer Camp. As anyone who has listened to Best Friends knows, their songs are short, sharp, summery bursts of fuzz that leave you reeling for a second listen. Despite this, the band are already showing signs of growth as their two contributions to this split sound more full and textured than any of their previous work. You can grab stand-out track ‘Mankind’ as a free download above or from our Soundcloud.

I first came across Grazes on Pink Mist’s debut release, appearing on a 12” alongside other AIH favourites such as Tall Ships, Run,Walk! and Three Trapped Tigers. They have since gone on to release two pieces of vinyl with ‘Myths’ and a split with Norwich based power-violence band Jackals. The last couple of months has also seen them share bills with the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, Trash Talk and Ceremony. Their two contributions to this split ‘Timeslips’ and ‘Elbow Grease’ (mixed by James Atkinson of Rot In Hell/Voorhees) can only be described as their most visceral, haunting and destructive sound yet.

The release itself is to be co-released by fairly new South East label Enjoyment Records. With the help of the two bands we’ve put together an ace little package that encompasses a cassette, encased in a fold out Mick Foley-emblazed card sleeve. We’ve only got about 50 each and I expect they will go pretty quickly considering Grazes and Best Friends past record! You can pick up your copy from our Bandcamp page, where there are also more pictures of the release.

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