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22 August 12

aih014 - Sun Stains EP w/ design your own Sun Stained artwork

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Debut EP from Sam Roberts’ Sun Stains project, minimal electronic pop that sounds a bit like Grimes/Bjork and is to be released with special artwork that reacts to sunlight. Out September 17th available for pre order now.

We are extremely excited to share with you news of aih014, possibly one of our most interesting releases yet. When we started the label we wanted to focus on bands from the Southwest and although this has always been at the core of what we do, we’ve never felt the need to limit ourselves to our end of the country. aih014 sees a departure from UK shores all together.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is approximately 5000 miles as the crow flies from our England HQ, so unsurprisingly we know fairly little about Sam Roberts’ Sun Stains project. For some reason we kind of like it this way, the self titled debut EP manages to be haunting whilst viscerally joyous. Take lead track ‘Fortify Perfect’ available for free download from our Soundcloud and Bandcamp; it mixes Grimes-like electronic pop with the fearless sensuality of late 90’s Bjork. Infact much of the EP carries on in this manner with additional subtle nods to Dan Deacon and the Cocteau Twin’s Elizabeth Fraser.

If there was one thing I could urge you to do today, it would be to listen to the EP in full above, or to bookmark it and come back later. To hear just one track, would be the equivalent of going to a restaurant and just ordering a bowl of carrots - silly and redundant. The EP is truely one of those releases that is meant to be listened to in full, as it takes you on a hypnotic journey through themes of loss and being left behind. These themes seem to reoccur throughout whether it’s in the track titles - ‘Farewell’, Honeylake’s haunting lyrics - ’ ‘wherever you are, I love you’ or in the closing samples - ‘someone has to stay on earth, and I volunteer’. During the process of writing this album, one of Sam’s friends passed away and although none of the songs were ever written specifically with him in mind, it felt as though throughout the writing process the whole EP was unconsciously influenced by his death.

As you know, we hate to do things normally and in this case, each of the 100 editions of the cassette EP will contain completely unique artwork and will be designed by YOU! Each cassette will be wrapped in special sun sensitive paper that when exposed to light will develop an image of whatever objects are left near it or on top of it. Would you believe we actually thought of this idea before we realised the obvious link to the name Sun Stains? To prevent the artwork developing before it gets to you, each cassette will also be packaged in a black sleeve containing instructions of how to create your unique artwork and with Sun Stains stencils. The last time we did a release this fun (Gorgeous Bully cigarette case) it managed to sell out before we’d even made it to the release date!

If you’d like to get your preorder in ahead of the September 17th release, you can do so on our Bandcamp. In the meantime enjoy the EP, it’s been the mainstay of my summer listening ever since June; whether it’s early summer evenings on the beach, rolling along motorways in the dark, or late at night in my bedroom - it always seems to fit the scene.

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