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11 March 13


And Lo; Behold - the third edition of Postcard Club is already upon us. Those that have already subscribed should have the latest scribbles from us sitting comfortably in their hands but to those who haven’t, fear not! You can subscribe or purchase this week’s postcard below.


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Something is the newest identity of could-be-familiar North Yorkshireman Oliver Catt. After spending 2012 performing and recording under the name Fantasy Rainbow (whilst also making my favourite album of last year), Oliver struggled with his inner totalitarian before deciding his heart no longer remained in the project. Following a brief break from music, January 2013 saw him decamping to a barn in the Pennies to record an album with his friends.

Lo; Behold is the first track from this album, and although a departure from the sugar sweet bitterness of Fantasy Rainbow, it retains all of the angst. You can read a blog about the album release on Ollie’s own label here and you can follow Something on Facebook here

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