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24 April 13

RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: Big Wave - Goldmine (aih019)

It feels like quite a long time since we’ve shared news of a new release with you, but today we’re extremely excited to share news of aih019 - the second single from Torquay’s Big Wave. Having previously featured on both our Dry Route to Devon compilation as well as last year’s Pizza Club, it was starting to feel like a full release was well overdue. 

stream and download B side ‘GW Bridge’ below

In ‘GW Bridge’ and the A side ‘Goldmine’, Big Wave have nailed the art of crafting jangly, female-fronted guitar pop that manages to tread the line between heartbreak and jubilance. Take ‘GW Bridge’ a song about one of New York’s most popular suicide spots. Despite it’s macabre subject matter, the melodies still shine through as the Torquay 5 piece showcase the sort of influence you’d expect to gain from growing up in the ‘English Riviera’. 

The single is set to be released on Monday 20th May on gold cassette in gold embossed artwork. Take a look at how lovely they are and bag your copy from our shop, as well as downloading GW Bridge for free above.


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