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8 April 14

RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT | Debut EP from New Zealand’s Shunkan

So far this year we’ve put out two EP’s (Blessin’ and Gorgeous Bully) two split releases (Birdskulls/Bloody Knees, the Art Reeks split), launched a Flexidisc Zine with Fear Of Men and put out 6 free download singles on our Pizza Club. Not bad considering we’re barely a third of the way through the year. In preparation for some huge summer projects I thought we’d calm things down for a couple of months, but that was until the debut EP from Shunkan dropped into my inbox.

Shunkan is the moniker of Marina Sakimoto, an LA expat currently residing in southernmost New Zealand “where nothing ever happens”. Just 20 years old her debut release is massively exciting and shows great promise.

'Honey, Milk and Blood' is a melting hotpot of sounds and influences. From the yelps of Karen O, the songwriting intricacies of Tegan and Sarah, the heartfelt chugging pop songs of Waxahatchee, to the shoegaze soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine - its all here. The EP never strays into the category of “borrowed parts” as each track comes as a welcome suprise.

It’s this quilt of influences that gives the EP it’s value on repeated listens as you weave together the common themes that link each track. Closing song, ‘Wash you Away’ (available to stream and download above) is (just shy of) four minutes of scuzzy, lo-fi indie rock at its finest - Marina’s vocals wash beside layers of distorted and acoustic guitar; the song ripping, gripping, great - before a calm, quiet and beautiful ending.

Shunkan means “moment” or “in a moment” in Japanese. “It’s how I want to live from now on. Not try and plan out the next 10 years of my life,” Marina said.

"Moving so far away from home and not having a band gave me artistic freedom that I didn’t have before.

I relied on others for their approval, even with music, so this EP was a challenge; the only person I could turn to during the creative process was myself, and relying on my memories and looking inward for acceptance was a challenge.

The album cover is a photo of myself in the most “normal” times of my life, but several years ago hundreds of photos that my mother kept were damaged, thus why that photo has all of the film bleed.

To me, it was a strange physical metaphor… that those times are no longer with me, and I can’t hold on to them. All I can do is look forward.”

'Honey, Milk and Blood' tracklist:

1. Dust in Your Eye
2. It’s Not Your Fault
3. Hail
4. Over
5. Wash You Away

The EP will be released 5th May on cassette (limited to 50) and will come in fold out cardboard artwork similar to our long sold out Best Friends/Grazes split. Each package will also include a download card for the full MP3 version.

Head over to our shop to pre order.

16 January 12

Our ninth release is a cigarette packet

Although the whole process has made us feel like an evil major (we’ve been sitting on this great EP since September) we’re very proud to finally announce the release of Gorgeous Bully’s first physical EP - packaged in a completely unique cigarette box format. 

For any not aware of the prolific output of Gorgeous Bully aka Plymouth’s Thomas Crang, he crafts heart-on-sleeve bedroom grunge pop at a prolific rate. As well as featuring on our latest compilation back in 2011, he has also made frequent appearances on the super-spot-on music blogger collective Lostx3 and featured on TLOBF’s track of the day.

Lo-fi is a term bandied around far too often, but in ‘The Young Obese’ each minuscule of fuzz does nothing but add to the warmness of the recordings. From the opener ‘Never Cry’ to the shoegaze’esque outro of ‘Adjusting to Change’ the EP is full of tumultuous grunge pop tales of misery, heartbreak and hating your hometown.

The 5 track EP is set to be released on ltd edition cassette, packaged in a custom designed cigarette packet. The pictures really do not do it justice, it’s a complete thing of beauty in the flesh. We worked with Tom at ACDSleeve, who has previously designed some great releases for Big Scary Monsters, Holy Roar and many others. We will also chuck in some Gorgeous Bully/AIH pin badges and if you preorder now, we’ll send you the mp3’s ahead of the release date on the 20th February. 

You can stream the full EP below, as well as download the opening track ‘Never Cry’, it’s a good’un!

As well as being ferociously DIY, Thom of Gorgeous Bully is also a prolific song writer and the cassette features a ‘secret’ bside filled with Gorgeous Bully demos dating back to 2009 (we’ll send you the mp3’s of these demos with your preorder too!). Limited to 50, so get your preorder in before the release date of February 20th as I doubt these will stick around long!

6 January 12

The biweekly aih pizza club

I’m not sure whether it came from wanting to conceive the most ridiculous new years resolution ever or reading too much of the Alan Partridge biography but we have decided for the duration of 2012 we will put out a release every other week.

Yes you did read that correctly, 26 releases over the course of the year. Where’s the quality control I hear you cry. Well that’s the thing, although standard releases are great (and we will continue to put them out) I can’t keep up with the amount of times I hear a song I completely love, but its just not suitable for a full release. It doesn’t take a genius to see the conventional model for releasing music is fucked and it with this in mind that we have decided to launch the AIH 5” Pizza Club.

We have decided to combine three of our favourite things: Friday afternoons, coming home and making pizza whilst listening to the latest hypeworthy mp3’s (the latter might not be totally true). Every other Friday afternoon we will release a new single available for free download from our blog and bandcamp. Accompanying each release will be a 5” pizza box, containing a 5” pizza CD that pertains to the single that is released that week. Oh did we mention that each release will be limited to one, and the first person to order gets the one and only copy. Exciting right?

With all the details out of the way, we’ll move straight onto PIZZAIH01. Bos Angeles have spent the last couple of days shacked up in a church hall attempting to record their debut EP. In between days frontman Rich managed to find time to put together this cover of (I hate it) When you Look at Me originally by prolific Winchester songstress KEEL HER. It sees a departure from their standard tropical beach jams into something a lot more grungy but loses none of the brattiness contained in the original version. 

We have named PIZZAIH01 ‘Bratty Doom’ and it’s made up of birds eye chilli’s and grizzly ground beef. The ONE physical copy of this release will go live at 3pm today (UK time) on our bandcamp. The first person to buy it will be the owner of something very special indeed. For the rest of you, enjoy your free download below and see you in two weeks time for PIZZAIH02. 

Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh