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24 February 14


Would it scare you if I said we were already one sixth through the year? One extra month and it’s a quarter. Add another and it’ll be a third. Time sure flies huh, and we hate to waste it - that’s why we’re treating this week like any other we’ve encountered this year; new releases, new announcements and, inevitably, new music.

Today our latest 7” release finally lands. feauring the furiously impeccable / impeccably furious Bloody Knees and certainly established AIH veterans Birdskulls! The latter’s first cut ‘Alley Gorey' dropped on announcement day where BK's 'Bones' debuted on DIY just a few weeks back. We’re thrilled and proud that we’re finally able to share the entire release with you below! (and on Bandcamp)


Much like its predecessor, ‘Bed Tomb’ is a speeding locomotive, this time attached to a morbid tale of mattress stapling misery. We’re given time to get our things together and take a breath at the 1.55 mark before being slapped back into our seats and missing the connection at Westbury. CHEERS Bradley.

There is no doubt in my mind that ‘Cycles’ will become a slow burner of a sludge punk anthem, destined to be screamed back in the face of J.Pulman by adoring fans who ‘don’t care too much for simple songs’ either.

Other great news: joint tour dates!

March 5th - The Old Blue Last, London w/ tba
March 6th - The Cavern, Exeter w/ Dead Camp and Pups
March 7th - TBA, Bournemouth
March 8th - Arts Club, Brighton w/ tba

That’s your lot for today. More from these boys soon, plus a big announcement from us tomorrow! Stay tuned ..

r&d x

14 January 14

aih27 | Birdskulls / Bloody Knees Split 7”


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Our latest release is atleast three of these. We’re delighted to be welcoming back our Exeter boys Birdskulls, excited to be extending a warm welcome to Bloody Knees and as for blue, have you seen how bloody lovely the 7” is gonnna look.

Due for release February 24th, the blue and purple marble effect 7” features two tracks from each band, double sided artwork and also comes with a hand numbered disposable photo of one of the pictures which made up the front cover. It will of course be accompanied by a download code for the full 4 track single which runs as follows.

1. Bloody Knees - Bones
2. Birdskulls - Alley Gorey
3. Birdskulls - Cycles
4. Bloody Knees - Bed Tomb

After catching their debut show at Southsea Fest 2012 then spending 4 days with the Bloody Knees boys at Bestival, we’ve kept a keen eye on what they’ve been up to. A debut EP on Heart Throb Records was swiftly followed by a whole lot of touring, glowing reviews and a recent support slot on Wolf Alice’s UK tour.

As for Birdskulls, having already graced our pizza club, a cassette, a beanie hat and our birthday party, it’s fair to say we’re pretty fond of them. Their own brand of chugging p-rock dominated by J. Pulman’s howling vocal spreads itself heavy across a palette of scuzzy 90’s nostalgia.

The release really comes together thanks to some familiar superstar producers at the helm. Birdskulls recorded with Brighton noisenik Theo Verney, whilst Bloody Knees layed their tracks down upon the good ship Bratwell.

As for the tracks themselves, ‘Bones’ and ‘Bed Tomb’ are two drop-out punk rock anthems that sound like Joyce Manor on a diet of Misfits. Melodic scuzz, full of life lessons.

Birdskulls build on the sterling scuzzy work of their earlier releases with more 90’s indebted grunge pop. It’s a testament to Birdskulls songwriting that the couplet “hungover again, my head is spent” seems to worm it’s way into my head every time I’m feeling a little worse for wear. 

The single will be released February 24th and is available to pre-order from our shop now. Stream ‘Alley Gorey’ above.

13 April 12

PIZZAIH08 - The Northern Bastard

Something I really miss when down in Plymouth, is the train journeys me and Rich share between Weymouth and London. Many of aih’s biggest decisions are made on these journeys, whether its the colour of the latest cassette release or whether we should include temporary tattoo’s with our releases. This Wednesday’s journey was no different, as I played Rich todays’ exclusive Pizza Club track looking for the Ric(Hard) seal of approval. 1 mins 42 later it arrived with a firm “this sounds like The Fall, lets put it out”.

It comes from Middlesbrough’s Year of Birds, who fully embrace the DIY punk spirit with the mantra “Write some songs with 2 parts. (The shorter the better, it makes learning them easier). Rehearse a few times (No more than 2 hours a time). Record via yr mate with a 4 track. Put out stuff on various formats.)” As if this wasn’t enough, frontman Oli also owns a record shop and a record label (both named Ack! Ack! Ack! Records).

Although I differ from Rich’s assesment, we’re both agreed on the fact this is the best piece of noisy discordant punk we’ve heard in a long time. Imagine Flipper were forced to condense their songs into minute and a half bursts and you’d pretty much have this. Free download as always and congratulations has to go to frontman Oli for coming up with the most intriguing (also see disgusting) sounding pizza yet.

As I’m at my parents, a quick google and ms paint had to make do for this weeks picture! Also make sure you check out the Year of Birds Bandcamp for more releases and grab the one physical copy of the release from 1pm onwards from our bandcamp page.


No sauce to be found here, just a massive slice of bread covered in sausage, bacon, eggs, beans and mushrooms. On top we cracked four eggs, to hold it all together and grilled until incinerated. Serving suggestion: superstrength beer (Special Brew or equivalent)! 


Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh