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3 April 12

You can’t fight the sickness with tea and biscuits

The instant I saw Gorgeous Bully had uploaded a new EP to his Bandcamp, I rushed over and snapped it up straight away with SIX OF MY ENGLISH POUNDS (generous by my standards). Incase you’re new around here and not familiar with Plymouth’s Gorgeous Bully, he makes melancholic garage pop like other people make sandwiches. We released his debut physical EP back in February and it sold out on preorder. Since then admiration for his work has been growing steadily as well as his back catalogue of fuzzy pop songs.

You Can’t Fight The Sickness With Tea and Biscuits is the latest collection of his recordings and literally picks up from exactly where The Young Obese left of with that Gorgeous Bully drum sound we’ve come to love. Despite this, the EP is by no means a carbon copy of its predecessor. The sound develops throughout and songs such as “Twenty Fucking Four” show a keen ear for melody and that same penchant for wearing your heart on your sleeve, with lyrics about not taking chances and never learning. All in all, another great EP that leaves us really excited to see what comes next. It’s up for pay what you like on GB’s Bandcamp, check it out.

Completely butchered the Faux Disc (one of our favourite labels) layout Faux Disc. Originally by Josh